My Family


My name is Jamie and I would like to tell you why I started Cookies...FOR ME?

My husband, Ross, and I have 3 and a half years old twin boys; our angels. When Matthew was 9 months old he went into anaphylactic shock. Within the coming week we were at a top hospital where we were told Matthew was not only anaphylactic to peanuts and eggs but also severely allergic to wheat, barley, rice, peas, oats and a slew of other things.

Our life was turned upside down. Matthew went through speech therapy, feeding therapy and was put on Nutren Jr. We were hoping that the Nutren would maintain his weight due to lack of food intake. He developed extreme food aversion so much so that we now needed to take him to a feeding clinic. Here we worked on de-sensitizing him so he would learn to develop the skills he would need to eat, swallow and speak.

Life progressed and by the time our baby was 2 years old he was considered "failure to thrive." He was afraid to try new foods let alone eat any foods he knew. Needless to say we were really frustrated. At this point we had added gluten containing foods back into his diet in hopes that this would open the food spectrum for him. It was around this time that if we offered Matthew a Jr. Mint or a little treat he would always ask "for me?" We thought it was really cute because he knew to ask and make sure the food would not hurt him. After assured he would be ok he would take a bite. We trotted along like this for awhile.

Now, at age 3 and still not on the charts we were searching for any doctor who could help us figure out what might be going on. Finally, an answer - Celiac. So, now we eliminate gluten again and within 3 weeks Matthew was gaining weight. Unbelievable, a miracle! He looked great, cheeks filling out, he was happy and filled with energy and his eczema was clearing up. Life is good!

Now, the reason... While shopping in the market like I usually do, this particular day I asked Ross to cart Matthew around the store while I get Joshua a cookie from the bakery. This is something I never had done in the past because I thought it would be unfair to Matthew. While Joshua was devouring his cookie Matthew ended up seeing and he asked "for me?" Ross and I had to explain to him that there was gluten in the cookie and this would make him really, really sick. He accepted the answer like he always had and told us it's ok. Amazing at 3 and a half how smart kids are!

So, my idea was born. That night I immediately went home and started creating a recipe for Super Sugar Cookies. Why shouldn't I be able to go to a store, any store, to get delicious gluten, egg and nut free cookies for my son? Many batches and tastings of cookies later my concept was real and tangible. Cookies...FOR ME? is born!

This is not just a passion for me but a labor of love. I want anyone that might have these sensitivities to feel special and know that they can get delicious bakery cookies like anyone else. If you could have seen Matthew's face light up when he saw these decorated sugar cookies for him your heart would melt. He grabbed a cookie, took a bite then ran upstairs to wake his dad and tell him "mommy made cookies for me."